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The Famous Mercati (Markets) of Cherasco
The village of Cherasco hosts several markets during the year. The markets specialize in different themes such as antique furniture, toys, food items, and arts and handicraft.
April 5, 2009: Market of antiques and antique collecting
May 10, 2009: Market of antique furniture
June 14, 2009: Market of ceramics and glass
July 5, 2009: Market of old and rare books
October 11, 2009: Market of toys and games
November 8, 2009: Market of organic and high quality foods
December 6, 2009: Market of antique furniture

The Festival of the Snail in Cherasco
International Encounter of Elicicoltura
September 19-21, 2009
This annual events pays respect to the snail. Can you say “escargot”?

Napoleone Bonaparte in Cherasco Festival
April 18, 2009
Celebrating the 213th anniversary of Napoleone and the Armistace in Cherasco.  Re-enactment of battles and 500 period costume dressed soldiers, civilians, and horses in the Piazza Communale/Centro Storico.  A yearly event at the end of April.

Festivals & Events in Piedmont

Festival and Carnival of the Battle of the Oranges
February 21-24, 2009 Ivrea, Piemonte
Every fall this small village near Torino celebrates the strange event of the battle of the oranges. Men dressed in medieval costume throw oranges at each other and the winning team celebrated.

Torino Chocolate Festival
February 22 - March 2, 2009 Torino

Torino Film Festival — 27th Annual
November 13-21, 2009

Palio of Asti
An exciting festival with 1200 in medieval costume, horse race and celebrations that date back to 1275 that takes place in the centro storico of ASTI.
September 20, 2009

Alba Music Festival
May 21-31, 2009

The Festival of the White Truffle
October 3 - November 8, 2009
This very important festival is centered in the Medieval city of Alba. An annual event that revolves about the celebrated white truffle or Tartufo Bianco.

Barolo Wine Festival
September 9th-11th, 2009
Barolo town's annual wine festivities feature a tasting of 60 Barolos at the Enoteca in Barolo castle, as well as live music, dancing, comedy acts, games, and merchants selling typical food products at booths throughout the village. There will also be special tasting dinners at Barolo restaurants.

Dogliani's 67th Dolcetto Festival
September 4th, 11th, and 18th 2009
Wine and food tasting in one of the important Dolcetto DOCGs. Enobike--a ride through nature with stops at local wine producers for tasting, special in-season menus at local restaurants, guided vineyard walks, folk stories, and the history of dolcetto in Dogliani.

Passegiata Enogastronomica
Canale Village, Roero

May 31, 2009
A wonderful day where for 35 euros, you pick up a picnic basket and then are free to fill it with food, wines, and it includes linen, place settings and wine glasses. Then you dine picnic style. Beautiful!!

The Open Wine Cellars of Roero
June 20 and June 27, 2009
These are very special Sundays that allow participants a glimpse into the wine producing area of Roero. Just north of the Barolo and Barbaresco nebbiolo growing regions. There is wine tasting, music, local food, and a chance to meet the wine producers and grape growers. Taste Roero Nebbiolo, and mystical Arneis.

Slow Food Cheese International Cheese Fair
September 16-19, 2009
The Slow food CHEESE festival happens every 2 years. This is an International Fair of cheese and dairy products in Bra. Cheese producers from all over the world participate and offer tasting of cheese. Italy & France are particularly well represented, but you will find artisan cheese producers from literally every corner of the world. It is a true celebration of great cheeses. Plenty of wine is available to accompany.

"Barolo Nights" La Morra
July 25–26, 2009
A wine and food event in a very unique place, with dishes prepared by the best Chefs in La Morra from the 4 best restaurants. All served with Barolos of La Morra wine producers and live music. A short stroll will allow guests to appreciate the beautiful buildings of La Morra and the stunning views. A progressive dinner in 4 stages will showcase the cuisine of La Morra, accompanied by music and fine wines. The evening will finish with a concert in Piazza Castello.

Sagra Della Nocciole- The fair of the Hazelnut
August 28-30, 2009
Cortemilia is the capital of the most famous of Hazelnuts, the Tonda Gentile di Langa.
Hazelnut desserts accompanied by local wines.

La Scala Opera House — Milan
Arguably the most beautiful theatre in the world. You may be lucky enough to take in an Opera while in Milan.

Il Cenacolo — The Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci - Milan
Santa Maria delle Grazie Church


"Le beau coin d'Italie" — Napoleon