Hotel Monastero di Cherasco

About the Monastero

The Savoys, Viscontis, and Napoleon have all helped to create the illustrious history of Cherasco, making it a particularly enchanting village, with an elegant town center, completely enclosed by ruins of ancient star-shaped ramparts. Originally dating back to Roman times, it was a thriving medieval center whose art and architecture are still admired today. Noble palazzos abound, the Triumphal and Belvedere arches dominate, and the lovely churches of Madonna del Popolo, San Pietro, and Madonna della Grazie lend their exquisite beauty to the magnetic artistry of the town.

The Monastero di Cherasco, staying true to it's medieval beginnings, is being meticulously restored by architects and artisans to be gently coaxed into the modern age; an old world touch with modern comforts and elegant furnishings. Step outside the tranquil garden courtyard gates and immerse yourself in the lively old centre of the historical, vibrant village.

Cherasco makes an excellent base for discovering the gastronomy and wine of Le Langhe's bountiful countryside, home to the noble nebbiolo grape and the world renowned Barolo and Barbaresco. The Alps, Monte Carlo, and the Italian Riviera are all just a short drive away.

The Hotel Monastero di Cherasco is a sixteenth century monastery presently under restoration to create a 20-suite condominium hotel retreat. A rare and exclusive opportunity.