Hotel Monastero di Cherasco

Restoration Project

The restoration of the Monastero is as enchanting as the original structure itself that commands the highest point in Cherasco. At its heart is the Hotel Monastero di Cherasco, an intimate boutique hotel with suites created in the grand and authentic Piemontese style.

Amenities in the hotel will include:

• Fine dining
• Casual dining
• Wine bars opening to terraces
• Gardens
• Italian tiled swimming pool viewing the Alps
• Venue for more formal gatherings
• Small luxury hotel management staff

The Hotel will offer a small boutique and bike shop for those who enjoy shopping or a biking tour along Cherasco's village bike paths and nearby roads. The Hotel Monastero di Cherasco is certain to be a natural place to gather, a place to truly embrace le Langhe.

In making a tradition of exemplary service, our members and guests at Hotel Monastero di Cherasco can look forward to amenities and personal attention that will rival the great hotels of the world. But as one might hope, this remarkable setting affords a lifestyle as rich and diverse as Piedmont itself.

The restoration of the 20-suite boutique Hotel Monastero di Cherasco is well underway and we will be delighted to open its doors in 2009.

Currently accepting reservation agreements, with prices ranging from $300,000 to $350,000 USD. Inquire here.