Hotel Monastero di Cherasco

If You Like the Idea...

If you like the idea of having your very own luxurious hotel suite in a 300-year-old monastery, in a 750-year-old medieval town, centrally located between Milan and Monte Carlo, the Alps and the Mediterranean, wrapped in the Barbaresco, Barolo, Barbara, Asti, Cinzano, and tartufo grounds, where Napoleon deemed the "Most Beautiful Corner of Italy" and enjoy the idea of having an exquisite hotel management company looking after your suite resulting in your very own euro bank account where your 60% of revenue is deposited each month, then perhaps Hotel Monastero di Cherasco is exactly what you have been looking for all of your life.

One must forgive us for not having all the answers to all of your questions,
but if the above statement is appealing to you, then join us on this journey and as
a reservation holder, you will travel with us to the above destination where all
questions will be answered prior to converting your reservation to an actual
contract confirming your membership in what we believe will be one of the
most rewarding associations you may ever possess. Ever.